How to get to Nguna Island

Nguna Island is surrounded by beautiful stunning coral gardens. Though an offshore island of Efate, Nguna remains essentially isolated from the main island.

Public Transport (PT) Pick up from Monday to Friday outside the Hua Chinese Store downtown with the local people from Nguna.

Please be there from 12.30pm til 1.30pm. 1000vt (each person) one way including Truck & Boat Trip. Saturday & Sundays no public transport. For special arrangements: Bus from 6,000vt. Boat from 3,000vt. One way transportation.

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For more information, contact Vat-Vaka Beach Bungalows, Taloa, Nguna Tel: (678) 29995.
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Vat-Vaka Bungalows - Nguna Island Vanuatu

Vat-Vaka Bungalows - Nguna Island Vanuatu
Bungalow in front of the beach

Nguna Island - Vanuatu

Nguna Island - Vanuatu
Vat-Vaka Bungalow