Vat-Vaka Bungalows - Nguna Island - Vanuatu

Yoan and his family are waiting for you in Nguna Island, a little island in the north of the Efate. Only two hours from Port Vila and you will be in a real paradise. The ultimate paradise is Nguna Island, you have to try.


don elfvin said...

if you are looking for an overpriced first world resort with all the western amenities,jet skis,umbrellas in you mai tais,and mindnumbing golf...this is not your place. if you want to be in a setting that can only normally be found in dreams...then this is your place. the coral is spectacular. the accomodations are comfortable and ample. the food is real. the people are real. i look forward to returning if possible.

Bed and Breakfast in Delhi said...

Great idea if you write this tomorrow. Thank you


For more information, contact Vat-Vaka Beach Bungalows, Taloa, Nguna Tel: (678) 29995.
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Vat-Vaka Bungalows - Nguna Island Vanuatu

Vat-Vaka Bungalows - Nguna Island Vanuatu
Bungalow in front of the beach

Nguna Island - Vanuatu

Nguna Island - Vanuatu
Vat-Vaka Bungalow